Nursery : Butterfly Party

Something very exciting happened over the Whit holiday, our butterflies emerged !! We gave them sugar water to drink and juicy oranges to eat and enjoyed looking at them this week. We drew pictures of them and had a go at writing about them but we knew we had to say goodbye. Alexia and her Mummy made us some delicious home made cakes and so we had a butterfly party outside and set the butterflies free…

Exciting changes are happening to our Caterpillars !!

We have all been fascinated this week by the changes to the class caterpillars. We noticed that the caterpillars had grown huge and a bit hairy over the weekend and then on Tuesday they started making the change from caterpillar to chrysalis. They have attached themselves to the top of the pot and have been wriggling and jiggling about. The children (and teachers) have found this really interesting and the children have been mesmerised !